3 Day Out-of-Body Travel Seminar in Los Angeles

Our Instructor: John Merritt

John Merritt

“My name is John Merritt, I am 53 years old, and was born and raised in a small town in East Tennessee, graduated high school there and attended college at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, where I studied Russian Language. I have worked as a professional fund raiser for non-profit organizations for the past 30 years.

The first out of body experience I had changed my life. When I was 10 years I heard about Astral Projection and I found a book on the subject at a bookstore, came home, started reading it and I was so intrigued by the idea I finished it that night and started making attempts to leave my body. I practiced for weeks, never had any success, and I stopped making attempts. But I didn’t give up. I believed in the idea, I believed it was possible, but I thought maybe it’s just not something everyone can do. Some 35 year later in 2007, I got interested in Out of Body Travel again, but this time, I was more prepared. I had already taken up meditation, I was running 3 or 4 days a week long distance, and from all I read in books such as Robert Monroe’s 3 books, I was certain that astral travel was real, and I was determined to learn it. In 2009 fate interceded, and I met Michael Raduga in Moscow. Within days of his analyzing my attempts by email, I had my first successful OBE. I have been practicing The Phase ever since. And, in 2011 I went to Los Angeles for Michael Raduga’s first seminar in the United States, and his first in the English language.

I will teach Mike’s methods and techniques exclusively. I tried everything that was out there, and nothing worked for me till I worked with Mike. My 3 day seminars will be wholly based on his seminars, I will teach the same methods, and the same techniques, and most importantly we will jointly analyze attempts the same way. And I understand the mistakes people make when they start practicing because I made the same mistakes. Having read every book under the sun before I read The Phase, I thought myself an expert. And when M. Raduga started telling me what I was doing wrong, I was flabbergasted. I was doing everything by the book, so it seemed to me. But it turned out he was right. We all tend to make the same mistakes, I look for those mistakes and I’ll help you overcome them, just as Mike Raduga did for me. When I teach a seminar I expect everyone in the class to have a successful OBE by the end of the 3 day seminar. And if you follow the instructions exactly, on average a successful OBE will happen in the first 5-10 attempts. All one has to do is properly make the attempts, and he can’t help but succeed. Inevitably there are a few students who are not able to make attempts correctly, and for that reason when you sign up for one of my seminars, you will not only be able to attend the 3 day seminar. I will also provide internet support for 30 days after the seminar. So and students who don’t have a success during the first 2 days of the seminar won’t walk away empty handed. They will have the training they need to succeed, and I will provide online support, through email, skype or facebook messenger, for a month after the seminar.

As Mike Raduga says all people some day will live in two worlds: one is the waking world we all know so well, the other is the Phase State, and I invite you to attend one of my seminars and discover first hand this exciting new world.”

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Day 1 we will cover the indirect method, separation techniques, 4 of the easiest and most straight forward indirect techniques, cycling the techniques, practicing the techniques, and you will be asked to go home and make attempts the next morning upon awakening.

Day 2 we will jointly analyze your attempts, tally up and record the results, and then we will discuss deepening the phase maintaining the phase, and discuss what one can do while in the phase, such as obtaining information. And again on the second day you will be asked to make attempts to enter the phase upon awakening.

On day 3 we will again as a group analyze everyone’s attempts, record them, and we will move teach the direct method of entering the phase, the lucid dream method of entering the phase, and another popular goal while in the phase one can try, influencing physiology and self-healing. All attendees who complete the seminar will be given 30 days of free email and skype support to help improve their phase practice.

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