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Had enough of theory? Finally ready for real experience? You’ve come to the right place!

The Phase School (former School of Out-of-Body Travel) is a part and is the most powerful tool of the Experimental Education Department of the Phase Research Center.

It helps us to create the best methods to induce out-of-body experience and lucid dreaming, that you may easily apply using our primary textbook for free.

This is the only school in the world that will help you gain the practical knowledge necessary to master the phenomenon of the phase state of the mind (phase), also known as ”out-of-body experience”(OOBE), “astral projection” and “lucid dreaming” from a pragmatic and applied approach. And no waxing philosophy, theories, or wasting time! Only practice and real results!


Objective: To teach one how to enter the phase, deepen the phase experience, prolong and maintain it, know its features, be able to control it, and apply it toward practical goalsĀ – in summary, to teach all practical elements that can be mastered from the first training session under the supervision of an experienced practitioner.

Many people get the desired result after only one to three training sessions. There is no mystery to itĀ – one simply need follow the simple yet tried-and-true, concise, and essential recommendations of the teacher.

Everyone will be able to open up new horizons for exploring and getting to know the world after completing the training. Enjoying total realism of perception, the student will now be able to communicate with people who were otherwise inaccessible, including the deceased, visit places that before seemed out of reach, influence one’s organism and health using a totally new method, obtain information from the powerful sub-conscious mind, travel throughout amazing worlds, develop one’s skills, and simply have the basic out-of-body experience, which in and of itself is the most amazing experience that a person can have. This ability, which draws on all such practices from all over the world, is the ultimate achievement in controlling one’s own mind, and is the highest form of mediation, hypnosis and trance.

People usually think that ”out-of-body experience”(“lucid dreaming”) is the peak of personal development, and so they believe that constant hard work over the course of many years is necessary in order to master it. This belief is even more laughable when one sees that half of seminar participants get practical results in only 2-3 days, to say nothing of more impressive timeframes.

(the phase = lucid dreaming + out-of-body experience + astral projection)

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