Out-of-Body Travel and Lucid Dreaming Training

The Phase School is the world’s most dynamic school and here to help you obtain all of the practical know-how you need to master the phase phenomenon (also known as “out-of-body travel,” “lucid dreaming,” and astral projection) with its pragmatic worldview and practical approach. Since 2007, we’ve been using the most progressive methodologies to teach tens of thousands to do what had been considered to be the impossible!

Out-of-Body Travel and Lucid Dreaming Training

What Does This Practice Hold in Store for You?

— A chance to live in two worlds
— A way to obtain information and solve problems
— A unique way to heal yourself and have an influence over your body
— A way to travel through space and time
— A chance to meet up with anybody, including the deceased
— Creative development and a brain upgrade
— Entertainment and fulfillment of secret desires
— The ultimate in personal development, and much more!

If you need personal assistance learning out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming, or if self-study isn’t working out for you for whatever reason, then our experienced teachers will help you achieve your goals right away using every training method out there. Under the guidance of our instructors, success rates reach 80 to 90% in just 2 to 3 lessons!

Michael Raduga’s Courses

(All lessons are in English!)

Reviews for M.Raduga’s books and videos

Bob Peterson: Finally, I broke down and just bought ‘The Phase’. And guess what? It’s the best OBE “technique book” I’ve ever read. As you can tell, I feel very conflicted about it. I wanted to hate this book, but instead I love it. 

Reddit: Why are these videos not stickied or in the sidebar? This is literally everything that you could possibly need and it has been in existence for 8 months already!!! Wtf! I kept hearing about it more and more so I finally decided to check it out. Worked literally the first night. Maybe it’s cheating because I have previous experience but it felt so legit this time, because in the first seminar there’s an entire “training” part, where he guides you through everything you’ll have to do when you’ll be doing it for real. Jesus Christ, I just woke up from the 2nd night. Literally projected 4 times, no joke. Holy fuck guys, I mean, damn, this is astonishing. I’ve projected before but THIS is insane just how effective it is. This was 2nd night, 2nd video. I wonder what kind of things will happen after the 3rd one.

Amazon: This is my first review ever on Amazon, and I have bought a lot of books and other things from them. I have been reading about lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences ever since I was twelve years old. I am forty-eight now. I maintained a constant interest in the subject over ALL of those years. I have bought dozens of books over the years, and I know that I have read at least fifty books on the subject. But, no matter how I tried, I never succeeded in having more than maybe four such experiences a year, if that. I also never had any kind of control over the experience once I did have one. However, I swore that one day I would find the one book or technique that would explain precisely how to have lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences on a regular basis. This is that book. You will not regret buying this book. I believe in it so much that I have even bought extra copies and given them away to people.

Reddit: Raduga is a very goal-oriented guy, which is a stark contrast to many of the existing AP resources out there, which are more esoteric. He literally says he doesn’t care how AP works, he only wants to help people get results with it ASAP. For people who are materialistics or who work best with a strict goal orientation, his method is very useful.

Amazon: I’ve read a lot of books on OBE and spent plenty of time putting their suggestions into practice, but with little results. But this book is without question the best one. It cleared up many misconceptions I had and gives good practical advice. This book is clearly well researched and has a level of depth and sophistication that isn’t found in other books. Highly recommended.

Reddit: Oh I wish I had this video years ago when I first started. Had to rely on forums and books to get me going to the other side. I’m glad videos like this are helping loads of people to AP.

Amazon: I don’t regularly review products/books. I only really feel compelled to do so after reading a really good book, that has a real impact on my life, and even then I generally can’t be bothered. That said – this is a book that you MUST read if you have any interest in spiritual development. Not just OBE’s or astral travel, or meditation or even a general esoteric interest. This book is for everyone who is looking to advance their knowledge and experience in the non physical reality. Seriously, if you want to actually start experiencing this stuff and moving forward in this aspect of your life (spiritual/mental development) then you should devote yourself to the easy and well-structured practices in this book. You will succeed and you will change your life forever. If you have had these experiences to some degree in the past – this is your ticket to a more frequent, meaningful practice. Meditation etc. will still have it’s place, but it will quickly become supplementary… a means to support better phase practice, rather than a thing you just do to mellow out and practice attention.

Why are Our Methodologies the Most Effective?

Out-of-Body Travel and Lucid Dreaming Training

The Phase School was initially Michael Raduga’s large-scale research project on methods for entering, controlling, and applying the phase state (out-of-body travel/lucid dreaming). These first mass experiments of their kind were conducted since 2007 on thousands of participants all around the world, from Russia to the United States. This practical study of the phenomenon was the most global one ever, which allowed for the most effective techniques and methods to be discovered. They would form the basis for the book “The Phase” and the work of Michael Raduga’s friends and followers.

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We don’t lecture. We teach. We teach what we know best of all and what we love most of all. We teach what our entire lives revolve around, and what is for many of us the only thing that gives life meaning. We take a personal interest in each and every student in the room. During classroom discussion, new phase entrance techniques are discovered alongside other insights into the phenomenon. This makes each day of instruction more effective than the one before it.

Warning: We don’t sell information! 100% of our school’s know-how is freely available in the form of articles, books, and videos on our website: www.obe4u.com. At our School, we only assist people who need an extra helping hand to grasp the subject matter more firmly and more quickly.

— Don’t have enough time to learn all the ins and outs on your own?
— Running into problems or making mistakes in your self-study?
— Used to having information explained to you in person?
— Want to meet like-minded people?

Then our seminars, webinars, and individual consultations are for you! For us, it’s another way to study, promote, and popularize the out-of-body travel & lucid dreaming phenomenon.

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Not only do we believe that everyone can live in two worlds – we’re doing everything possible to make it happen!