Out-of-Body Travel and Lucid Dreaming Training

The Phase School is the world’s most dynamic school and here to help you obtain all of the practical know-how you need to master the phase phenomenon (also known as “out-of-body travel,” “lucid dreaming,” and astral projection) with its pragmatic worldview and practical approach. Since 2007, we’ve been using the most progressive methodologies to teach tens of thousands to do what had been considered to be the impossible!

Out-of-Body Travel and Lucid Dreaming Training

What Does This Practice Hold in Store for You?

— A chance to live in two worlds
— A way to obtain information and solve problems
— A unique way to heal yourself and have an influence over your body
— A way to travel through space and time
— A chance to meet up with anybody, including the deceased
— Creative development and a brain upgrade
— Entertainment and fulfillment of secret desires
— The ultimate in personal development, and much more!

Why Get a Teacher?

— They’ll help you get quick results
— They’ll help you see your own mistakes in your practice
— They’ll emphasize what’s most important for you to know
— They’ll use the most progressive teaching methodologies
— They’ll share the latest developments in techniques and methodologies
— They’ll teach you to analyze your own personal practice
— They actively develop techniques and procedures – and much more!

If you need personal assistance learning out-of-body travel and lucid dreaming, or if self-study isn’t working out for you for whatever reason, then our experienced teachers will help you achieve your goals right away using every training method out there. Under the guidance of our instructors, success rates reach 80 to 90% in just 2 to 3 lessons!

Out-of-Body Travel and Lucid Dreaming Training



You can also sign up for training sessions and get answers to your questions via email:  obe4u@obe4u.com

Our Online Instructor: Mike Langford

Mike Langford 1

“I am 36 years old and have lived in the Denver area in Colorado since 1999. I am the father a 13-year-old boy, a 10-year-old girl, and I have spent the past 16 years happily married to my middle school sweetheart. Aside from my Phase practice, I love playing games with my family, traveling, running, doing gymnastics, biking, hiking, camping, and I play the guitar and sing for a local rock band. I have a master’s degree in software engineering and I currently work for a local school district providing back-end support and development for their enterprise resource planning system.

I discovered OBEs in January of 2014. While doing some research on lucid dreaming, I came across the term “Astral Projection”, which I had never heard of before. Looking into it further, I came to the quick conclusion that it was all a load of utter nonsense. I decided that night that I was going to prove to myself that it was all a fabrication. I found a technique that was stated to be easy and require very little effort and I employed it at about 3:00 AM. What followed was the most incredibly intense surge of vibrations and the sound of a jet engine roaring in my head. Shortly thereafter, I experienced what seemed to be an actual separation from my physical body. This wasn’t like any dream I had ever known. I was alert and conscious through the entire experience. When I returned to my body, I lay there awake the rest of the night, completely stunned by what I had just experienced. I knew I had to learn everything there was to know about this practice. From day 1, I have been hooked. This has become my passion.

Since that first experience, I have read over 60 books on this topic, gone through numerous audio and video courses, spent thousands of hours in meditation, and even spent a week at the Monroe Institute, all in an effort to accumulate every bit of knowledge there is to be had on this subject. I have spent two and a half years experimenting, learning what works, what doesn’t, and identifying and documenting the progression of steps that the body goes through during a transition into The Phase. I was drawn to Michael Raduga’s approach due to the effectiveness of his techniques and the thorough nature of his research. I teach almost exclusively using his methods, making reference and correlations to other practitioners and authors where it provides value or clarification.”


I tried your method with listening to the voices in my head-first and there was a music, then a base sound like bum, bum, bum. I tried the mirror technique when I woke and had my very first strong vibrations!!It was crazy! My body was just shaking, but I wasn’t prepared for this, but I was not really afraid, just so excited! I thought at first I am having OBE, but it turned into an LD. I was in a restaurant and just ran through glass door. I wanted to fly a little but my daughter and two other people were hanging on my back and wanted to fly with me. They were so heavy that I woke up. I am so happy to have felt the vibrations for the first time. I think now maybe it will be easier AP for me for me. Your advice is great!!

I didn’t have to wake up early this Saturday so I gave myself every preparation in the world and I finally managed to do it again. Doing what you mentioned and “bathing in the vibrations” worked wonders. I did this while I was still groggy after a full night’s sleep, by the way. I even got up and went to the restroom first. I was surprised that this time, when the vibrations got up to a steady hum, I didn’t just immediately tumble out of my body like I did the first time, so I followed your advice and tried to “roll” out of my body. I rocked back and forth a few times, not entirely sure if I was just rolling around my physical body and completely failing to project. Then I decided to follow through on one of the rolls and climbed up out of bed. About halfway through doing that I knew for sure I was projecting

I did it sometime early this morning, but I experienced the blindness. I couldn’t get far away, well I don’t know for sure I was so tired that I can’t really remember. Seems like I woke up in SP well I wasn’t really awake but you know, I panicked but then I literally thought “Mike says nothing to be afraid of ” lol. I instantly chilled out and focused. I started to try and project but then I started to see my “friends ” I then told them with my mind they’ve no power over me. I started coming out but no vibrations which is weird because I was lucid enough to want to feel them and look for them, but the roaring came. I was coming out I moved my astral arms, but I couldn’t see anything and at that point I can’t remember a lot more. I may have fallen back asleep. I also remember realizing I had been through a series of false awakenings.

I had progress! I felt the lead blanket feeling that you talked about that I was surprised to feel that came up the body starting from the foot. What I felt was my whole body in kind of a mild vibration. It was something I never felt before. Another sensation I felt was my pineal gland area kind of opening up so that it gave a sensation that made it feel much freer and open but I couldn’t see anything. Maybe a little bit a patterns and colors, but I couldn’t tell If it was me making them up or not because It was not much different from when you just close your eyes.
Huh Leo

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Why are Our Methodologies the Most Effective?

Out-of-Body Travel and Lucid Dreaming Training

The Phase School was initially Michael Raduga’s large-scale research project on methods for entering, controlling, and applying the phase state (out-of-body travel/lucid dreaming). These first mass experiments of their kind were conducted from 2007 to 2015 on thousands of participants all around the world, from Russia to the United States. This practical study of the phenomenon was the most global one ever, which allowed for the most effective techniques and methods to be discovered. They would form the basis for the book “The Phase” and the work of Michael Raduga’s friends and followers.

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We don’t lecture. We teach. We teach what we know best of all and what we love most of all. We teach what our entire lives revolve around, and what is for many of us the only thing that gives life meaning. We take a personal interest in each and every student in the room. During classroom discussion, new phase entrance techniques are discovered alongside other insights into the phenomenon. This makes each day of instruction more effective than the one before it.

Warning: We don’t sell information! 100% of our school’s know-how is freely available in the form of articles, books, and videos on our website: www.obe4u.com. At our School, we only assist people who need an extra helping hand to grasp the subject matter more firmly and more quickly.

— Don’t have enough time to learn all the ins and outs on your own?
— Running into problems or making mistakes in your self-study?
— Used to having information explained to you in person?
— Want to meet like-minded people?

Then our seminars, webinars, and individual consultations are for you! For us, it’s another way to study, promote, and popularize the out-of-body travel & lucid dreaming phenomenon.

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Not only do we believe that everyone can live in two worlds – we’re doing everything possible to make it happen!